Dead Body Discovered in Port Wentworth

A couple on a fishing trip found the body floating in a creek.
A couple on a fishing trip found the body floating in a creek.

A nice day on the water came to a gruesome end when a couple discovered a dead body. They found it floating in Cox's Creek in Port Wentworth on Sunday afternoon.

Steve, who didn't want to give his last name, said at first, they thought it was a bright orange bag floating in the water. It turned out to be the remains of an adult male. "(I) didn't expect to come across anything like that," he explained.

Steve said he was afraid to leave the body to get help. "The tide was moving pretty quick," he said. "I was worried it was going to wash away, but it looked like it was tangled up in the brush pretty good."

They quickly docked their boat and ran to a nearby pay phone to call police; however, the hard part wasn't over. They still had to lead the officers back to the chilling sight. "Going back and taking the officers to the body was tough," Steve told WTOC. "It was something I'll never forget. It was terrible."

Savannah-Chatham Marine Patrol Investigators and Port Wentworth Police worked quickly to remove the body and brought it to the GBI Crime Lab in Savannah for an autopsy. Police say the body was found near a train trestle. They don't know if the person was hit by a train or if they're dealing with a homicide.

With the image of the dead man still fresh in their memories, Steve says they'll think twice about coming back to the creek again. "I'm going to go the other way next time,"said Steve, "out in the big water."

Investigators say they've made a tentative identification of the body, but they're waiting for more evidence before they notify the next of kin.

Reported by Melanie Ruberti,