Teen Arrested in Peloquin Murder

Gloria Peloquin
Gloria Peloquin

A CrimeStoppers tip has lead to the arrest of a 16-year-old boy. He's charged with the murder of Gloria Peloquin. Peloquin was killed in the parking lot of a Southside Savannah shopping center two weeks ago.

Peloquin's family said they were not only shocked to hear a teenager was responsible for her death, but say they feel a whole lot safer a killer is off the streets.

"You have this yearning to know something, and you wonder if anybody else knows, but now that he's caught that weight is lifted," said Michelle Clemmons, Gloria's daughter.

After finding out that the botched robbery attempt that took place at the Save-A-Lot shopping center was committed by a 16-year-old, the Peloquin family is still trying to make sense of how someone so young could commit such a crime and why this brutal slaying had to happen in the first place.

"The closure comes that I know she's with God, she's in heaven, but that doesn't do anything for my heart," said Gloria's widower Leo.

Gloria's family says it will be a while before they can start to heal, but at the same time they feel they no longer have to live in fear. "I feel relief in the sense that I'm not looking for anybody now, he's where he's suppose to be," said Michelle.

Looking at the garden planted with the flowers from Gloria's wake, Leo says it's the one thing that gives him a sense of peace. But he may never forgive the teen accused of killing the woman he loved. "I only pray that God has mercy on his soul.  If I had my way he'd burn in hell forever," he said.

Because this young man is a minor, his name will not be released at this time. But we do know that he will be tried as an adult.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com