Editorial feedback - 5/7/12

And again, right on in your 5-7-12 editorial.
Brain-washed, brain-withered, crazy and dumbed down. Yes, clueless and malicious too. That's because they don't know where it will lead and how it will end. No more liberty. Just fear and violence
You said: America offers more fairness, and more opportunities to learn, grow, and prosper, than any nation in history, all due to our freedom, independence, capitalism, and those of our enterprising, hard-working citizen-patriots, who love this country, and feel richly-blessed, and thankful for it all.
YES. THAT was my generation. I appreciate this country what it has done for me. It's called opportunity.I lived in a democratic country where everyone had the freedom and opportunity to apply their talent and labor, their energy. Boy, did it ever offer me that.
The new generation of leechers won't have that, but then, they will never know. Why ? Read the beginning ...

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.