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Someone You Should Know--Marteza Lavoie

Marteza Lavoie Marteza Lavoie

No matter how old you are, you want to have fun. Just ask Marteza Lavoie. She's having the time of her life. In fact, she's living the life of a queen after winning the Ms. Georgia Nursing Home pageant in Atlanta.

"I felt a little, 'aah, I can't believe it's happening' feeling," she told us. "In fact, when they called my name, my hand went up to my face because I couldn't believe it."

Marteza walked away with a dozen roses, a sash, a crown and a plaque, beating out 21 other contestants from around Georgia. "I wasn't nervous because one thing is I believe in myself," she said.

"We knew that she was very self-confident and quick witted and could come up with some great answers to any questions that the judges would throw at her, so we're just delighted," said Carol Russell, the administrator of Riverview Health and Rehabilitation Center. She entered Marteza in the statewide pageant after she won Ms. Riverview back in March.

She'd never been in a pageant before, but now she's making up for it, winning two in two months at the age of 75. "Nothing is never too late," she said. "Time is something you make."

And right now, she's taking time to enjoy her new role as Ms. Georgia. Marteza also won $100. She plans to put it into a fund she's starting to help build a swimming pool at Riverview.

Marteza Lavoie, Someone You Should Know.

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