Pump Patrol: Saving cash for gas

Pump Patrol: Saving cash for gas

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Learn how to save at the gas pump without leaving your house.

Although gas prices continue to fall heading into Memorial Day Weekend, the price remains a concern.

"I balance my budget enough to know how much i will be spending on gas," said Jody White, of Savannah.

Some consumers are cutting back on other items while they're out buying gas - like choosing not to buy snacks at the time of fill up.

Others said that they save by collecting loose change, taking to Coinstar machines and trading it in for cash.

If you are not saving your pennies, you could be making money from things you have at home. Some people have garage sales or yard sales to sell items they already have at home. Others have consigned items at shops in exchange for a percentage of the sales when someone buys them.

For instance, WTOC put Plato's Closet to the test and brought in a bin of gently worn or not-so-gently worn clothes and got back $12.15 on the spot.

Experts said that in order to consign clothing, the clothes must be clean and ironed and in buying condition for them to be accepted by the shop for sale.

Congratulations to WTOC's Pump Patrol $50 gas card winner Theresa Cowan of Savannah.

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