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Editorial - 5/28/12

While the world is running short of money, thankfully, we're not running short of fools.  With Egypt likely to end-up with a radical theocracy, not the democracy that Western leaders naively-assumed, now, from peace-loving Iran, yet again, another radical-Islamic blow-hard has offered his perspective on the future of Israel.  This deranged-regime's military chief of staff has now publically-proclaimed that (quote): "The Iranian nation is standing for its cause (which is) the full annihilation of Israel."  One repulsive-alternative for Israel, of course, would be to eradicate its proud Jewish-heritage and positive co-existence with Christianity, in favor of full-imposition of repressive, intolerant sharia law.  And you wonder why Israel, an island of sanity, amidst the turbulent sands of dark-age-radical lunacy, would consider a possible pre-emptive strike against the nuclear-threatening, barbarian-led nation of Iran? Whether by regime change or perhaps more efficient means, for the sake of the currently free-world, may those Iranian goons at the top be stopped.

And speaking of irresponsibility, despite the fact that our freedom-eroding federal- government continues to spend like drunks on a permanent-bender, comes word that the western-states' left-dominated, Ninth District federal judges and staff, will be jetting to Maui for an annual conference and get-away frolic, estimated to cost tax-payers almost a-million-dollars.  At a time when austerity should be mandatory  in government, as it must be in the private sector, such gross-miscarriage of fiscal justice, reeks of self-gratification, oblivious to reality.  This flaunting of authority and spending might best be summed up in the memorable words of former Chief Justice Alfred E. Neumann, when he proclaimed to the ages:  "What, me worry?"

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