Neighbors Report Alligator Problem

In one Coastal Empire community, alligators are moving into people's space. Or vice versa. Neighbors in Pooler's new Godley Station development say they have a huge alligator problem. So Savannah's premier gator hunter has gone into action.

For 15 years, Jack Douglas has been hunting gators. "It's mating season," he told us last night. "I'll get a lot of calls."

Using gator sounds and splashing to draw the alligator out of hiding didn't work at first for Trapper Jack. But neighbor Jim Nelson says believe him, he's seen a few gators in his backyard, and it's a problem. "They'll tie a little dog in the back yard, and that's a death warrant for a little dog with gators around," Nelson said.

Residents wondering where these gators are coming from can look no further than the swamp across the street. Drainage pipes run under the ground from the swamp to a lagoon at Godley Station, and Jack says it's the perfect outlet for gators to get into this residential neighborhood.

"They got a lot of places to hide," he said. "That's why you can't say you don't have an alligator. They could show up tomorrow."

A few gator calls later, and within an hour, Trapper Jack had caught his gator. All 3 1/2 feet of him. "I'd say this was the problem. He said he saw two, but it was probably the same one," he said. "They'll get another one by the end of summer, maybe a big one with the size of that pipe."

Trapper Jack says he plans to take this gator to a school for show and tell. Then he will drop him back in one of the rivers.

Reported by: Don Logana,