Elementary Students Prepare to Greet World Leaders

Adults aren't the only ones preparing for the G-8 summit. Three elementary schools from Chatham County have been chosen to meet the global leaders when they come to town, including Georgetown Elementary. Second and third graders at the school will greet Prime Minister Tony Blair when he lands at Hunter Army Airfield in June.

To say the least, the children are excited. Their teacher tells us they are still learning about the different global leaders coming to Savannah, but it's a day they've been preparing for for months.

Students in Gretchen Hemmings' third-grade class are competing for a very special honor. They're writing essays to see who will be the student to hand Blair a gift basket when he lands in Savannah. The competition is fierce--all the second and third graders at the school are competing for this opportunity.

It's an opportunity Hemmings says she never thought the school would ever have. She described the feeling as "amazement, just amazement that a small school would get to meet a world leader."

The students at Georgetown Elementary will wear red, white and blue, the colors on the United Kingdom's flag, when Prime Minister Blair lands.

But nine-year-old Mitchell has another, more extravagant plan. "My mom forgot my tuxedo for today so I guess I'll where it that day," he told us.

Hemmings' class chose the theme "Welcome to Our Country" for their essays, and these students want to make sure global leaders take full advantage of what the Coastal Empire has to offer.

"Later in life they'll see what a great opportunity this was and how fortunate they are to meet world leaders," said Hemmings.

The fourth and fifth graders at Georgetown Elementary will pick the winners for today's essay contest.

Windsor Forest and White Bluff Elementary were also chosen to greet the G-8 leaders.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com