Meet the G-8 -- Canada's Paul Martin

It's the second biggest country in the world, it's right next door to the North, and what do you know about Canada? Cold, hockey beer, eh? There is more. Let's start with the basics. It is the second largest country in the world, in area. A confederation with a democratically elected parliament. The leader is still Queen Elizabeth, with a representative in Ottawa, but also the Prime Minister, currently the leader of the Liberal Party. Thirty- one- million people live there, and the GDP per person is about $22,500 a year.

Leading our northern neighbor, Prime Minister Paul Martin. Born in Ontario, his father was also a politician for decades. He earned his law decree, ran some major Canadian companies, and spent much of his life in politics. As far as his G-8 agenda, expect trade talk with the United States. Canada is not wild about some of our import -export policies, and just general making nice with President George Bush after some sticky disagreements among neighbors. He is Canada's most popular politician. One other interesting side note, if you're in your forties or older, you remember the day when polio killed or maimed thousands of kids, Martin came down with the disease, but survived practically unscathed. Martin is also web- savvy, he has his own web site, no surprise there, but he's a blogger, writing a web- log... sort of an on- line diary... which you can read for yourself. One bad thing, he's apparently a little busy, since he hasn't been updating his blog lately.