Mickve Israel unrolls 500-year-old Torah scroll

Mickve Israel unrolls 500-year-old Torah scroll

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A 500-year-old Torah scroll was unrolled at Mickve Israel Thursday. The scroll came to the new world with the first Jewish settlers in Georgia.

Rabbi Darryl Crystal rolled out the deerskin scroll for WTOC. It is one of five scrolls at Mickve Israel that chronicles the history of the Jewish people. Each congregation is charged with maintaining its own historic scrolls. The five at Mickve Israel were unrolled to be digitized.

"People will be able, via the computer, to click on a program and be able to read anywhere in the scroll," said Rabbi Crystal.

Mickve Israel's oldest scroll was created in Spain and there is another one that is almost as old created in Portugal. This is possibly the first time in centuries that the scroll has been completely rolled out from beginning to end.

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