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Editorial - 6/11/12

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Historic by implication, an emotionally-overwrought young man declared to the media that (quote) "democracy died tonight!"  With that degree of finality, you'd assume it was Hitler's enslavement of Europe, or Communism's later iron-grip on its eastern half.  Neither. This hyper-ventilated, verbal death-knell to democracy referred, instead, to the failure of Wisconsin voters to depose their demonic-governor, Scott Walker, guilty of restoring his state's economic-equilibrium, when, far better, to have continued on its inevitable-path to bankruptcy, driven by unsustainable state pension and health benefits.  That way, America's exhausted and angered tax-payers, already propping-up a fractured-nation, itself careening toward bankruptcy, could then be forced to bail-out Wisconsin, with freshly-minted Monopoly money, after raiding the Parker Brothers vault.    

Many of you may remember Ralph Nader, a past thorn in the side of most everything, apparently not done poking yet.  So as not to be left out of this lib-wake, Mr. Nader stated that, rather than implementing positive, common-sense reforms in Wisconsin, Governor Walker was, instead , guilty of advancing (quote) "the ideology of cruelty."  Now that's interesting.  We would characterize the vicious-actions of Hitler, Stalin, and today's degenerate-fanatics as, at the very least, cruel, while Mr. Nader sees real cruelty, today, as solving a state's budget-deficit without a tax increase, and saving school districts money, the better to teach children with.  Appears Mr. Nader is still unsafe at any speed.  As for the opening hysterics of that naïve young man, democracy didn't die last Tuesday night in Badger-Land.  Rather, Wisconsin provided the jumper-cables needed to re-start and help restore our now-fragile democratic-republic, its individual freedoms and collective sanity.

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