SC candidates, voters prep before Tuesday

SC candidates, voters prep before Tuesday

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - A South Carolina Supreme Court ruling took more than 200 candidates off the ballots because of confusion over paperwork and filing dates.

Weston Newton and Jerry Stewart, who are currently on Beaufort City Council, both want South Carolina House seat 120.

"Northern Beaufort County's District 1 council seat on the ballots as well - Gerald Dawson and Herbert Glaze squaring off. The only county wide race is the county clerk of court.

Voters are gearing up. The Beaufort County voter registration was a busy place Monday as the staff prepared for Tuesday's primary. The staff spent the day distributing supplies and voting machines for polling locations all over the county.

"You do not have to be a professed Democrat or professed Republican in order to vote in the Republican or Democratic primary. In fact, because of the limited ballots, much of the county will not have a democrat ballot available to them," said Scott Marshall, of the Beaufort County Board of Elections.

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