Program Helps Teens Find Summer Jobs

With school getting out in Chatham County next week, many teens will be looking for summer jobs. Jobs that are getting harder and harder to find. For the second year in a row, the Department of Labor will spend $1 million to help teens join the workforce.

With the unemployment rate being up, teens are not only competing with each other, they're also competing with adults. Matria Mobley has been looking for work for quite some time. "I have one interview out of seven applications so it's really tough," she told us.

It's tough, because Matria Mobley is one of many adults who've been competing for jobs in a market that's about to be swarming with teenagers. With so many adults looking for work, a lot of them settle for part-time jobs usually found at the mall, jobs usually held by teenagers during the summertime. They're jobs that hire at minimum wage, wages many adults are now willing to settle for.

According the Department of Labor, a higher unemployment rate is to blame. "Numbers reported for low unemployment for Savannah don't actually give an accurate picture, because many neighborhoods, we have an excess of 13 percent unemployment and so there is a lot of competition for jobs between adults and youth," said Kathy Keith of Coastal Workforce Services.

The program have launched a new website designed just for the youth of southeastern Georgia at

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,