Paula Deen launches new food product company

Paula Deen launches new food product company

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Paula Deen announced Tuesday that she's launching a new food product line called Paula Deen Foods. The enterprise is the result of a new partnership between Deen and Nanco Group, which is based Buffalo, NY.

The Paula Deen Foods company will be headquartered in Savannah. The product line will include both traditional and lighter versions of her recipes. Deen will develop these new products with Nanco Group.

"We are honored to take the Nanco generations of experience and bring our favorite recipes from our family to your own," said Paula Deen, founder of Paula Deen Enterprises, in a statement. "Working with Nanco, we have generations of experience and knowledge from our most important partners – the grocery retailers that will enable us to bring the best value possible to those who love our recipes."

The new company is scheduled to launch Paula Deen Foods' initial round of products in late third quarter 2012. For more details on Paula Deen Foods, see Deen's website.

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