Someone You Should Know--Willie Harris

Willie Harris
Willie Harris

Starting a brand new business can be tough. But Willie Harris is doing his best to become a success. He runs Sho-Nuff Seafood on Highway 17, and he makes time to help in the community.

He comes in at 5am every day of the week, cleans up the place, puts out the fish and gets the kitchen ready to open up by 9am. "It gets pretty tough but I never get tired," Willie said. "My wife calls me an iron man because I always can go."

And he's been going ever since he and his wife Lillie opened their doors eight months ago. "We have jumbo shrimp and other variety of shrimp, we have flounder, grouper, frog legs, tilapia, catfish," said Willie.

Not only do they sell seafood, but they fry it up as well. "In the first month I was here I was in the red and I kept praying to God and saying we was going to make it," Willie recalled. "The second month, we came in the green and been in the green ever since."

Willie says if the food doesn't bring in people the name of the place sure will. "I came up with the idea of just saying Sho-Nuff," wife Lillie told us. "Because we use that word a lot and then we know the food was sho-nuff good."

Willie's also doing some good in the community. He's passing on his knowledge to kids at Butler Elementary School. "We're learning how to be entrepreneurs and what we have to do to be one and to start our own business," said the school's Jessica Wilson.

The vice president of Savannah Tech, Jacquelyn Jackson, works with the students through Junior Achievement and asked Willie to be a part of it. "He could've easily said, 'No, I'm too busy,' which he was, but he said, 'No I'd like to help these kids because I think this is something they need to know,'" she said.

"We owe to the public, every business, I feel that we should always give something back," Willie said.

Willie says he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. He also plans to open a furniture business right next door.

For doing his part, Willie Harris, Someone You Should Know.

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