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Lawsuit Brought in Saint Patrick's Day Parade Wreck

It's been two months since a car plowed into a crowd watching the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Savannah. After an investigation, the case was ruled inconclusive and no charges were filed against the driver. Now, one of those injured is suing the driver and the Chrysler Corporation for injuries she sustained in the accident.

Attorney Bart Turner says his client did not want him to give us an on-air interview, but he did talk to us about the case and why they're suing.

During the parade, the driver of a Chrysler Sebring, John Shepard, lost control and plowed into a crowd on Wright Square. A few days after the accident, WTOC learned the Chrysler Sebring that crashed into the crowd had been recalled for the accelerator sticking. That's the reason Shepard says he lost control of the car.

When we spoke with him a few weeks after the accident, he told us, "The great fear I had was that I killed somebody."

Luckily no one was killed. But a woman was seriously hurt. Carolyn Roach was sitting on Wright Square with coworkers when the Sebring lost control. Her attorney Bart Turner says Roach has been in the hospitalized ever since the March 17 incident, suffering from a broken hip and torn up knee, having undergone multiple surgeries including shoulder replacement.

Remnants of that fateful day still remain on Wright Square. The bushes are still plowed down where Shepard lost control and crashed into parade goers.

After the investigation, no criminal charges were filed against Shepard, and auto experts could not find a defect in the car. But Roach is suing both Chrysler and Shepard for her injuries.

Turner had this to say about the lawsuit: "Mr. Shepard claims the car was defective and he is not responsible. The jury has to figure out who was at fault."

The lawsuit was filed in Cobb County because that's where Chrysler has a registered business agent. We did speak to a Chrysler spokesman about the lawsuit. She says they have not been served with the documents as of yet and have no comment on this case until they see the paperwork.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,

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