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Editorial Salute - 6/14/12

Like May, June is another special month for Americans who respect our nation, our traditions, and our long-treasured observances. Earlier, on the 6th of June, we shared-in the 68th anniversary of D-Day, the courageous, hard-fought, high-casualty-landing on those treacherous and bloody beaches of Normandy, marking the start of the Allied ground-campaign to free the European-continent from the strangle-hold of tyranny, which would finally-follow 11-months later, but at continued great cost in American lives.

Then, Thursday the 14th, Flag Day, the day on which we pause to reflect on the impact of our nation's most prominent, most significant, and most recognized symbol, a day to focus on the history and honor of our beautiful, classic banner of red, white, and blue.

But, Flag Day shares another very significant anniversary.  The 237th observance of the formal founding of the United States first military branch, America's Army.  On June 14, 1775, Congress authorized the formation of 10 rifle-companies, and the following day, appointed George Washington the first commander-in-chief of the new Continental Army.

This week, then, we remember America's flag, the most beautiful in the world because of the historic, and continuing, sacrifice for liberty it represents.  And we remember America's Army, and the millions of men and women who've so proudly served, and sacrificed, as their Continental brethren surely did, first to gain our cherished freedom, and for 237-years since, fight, and if need be perish, to preserve it.

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