Pro-Life Demonstration Features Graphic Images

Some of the images from the protest are too graphic to show.
Some of the images from the protest are too graphic to show.

If you were driving down DeRenne Avenue this afternoon, you probably saw something you won't soon forget. About a hundred pro-life missionaries lined the streets, some holding up graphic pictures from terminated pregnancies. The images t were a sight pretty hard to ignore and definitely hindered traffic a bit.

We are not going to show the signs because of their graphic nature, but drivers we spoke with said those pictures will haunt them, and even worse, their children, for some time to come.

The pro-lifers hope their signs and pamphlets handed out to drivers will get their message out, and they say the busy intersection around lunchtime was the perfect place to do it. "Wherever there's an abortion clinic is a good city to show the truth," said demonstrator Adrian Horien.

But not everyone agrees these pictures and this venue are right. "I agree with freedom of speech, but not when it's this graphic, not this time when children are exposed in this's not fair," said Rachael Allen, who was disturbed by the images.

Others agree. Right down the block, Planned Parenthood volunteers held their own protest claiming a woman's right to choose.

But the protest, with dozens of pro-lifers and life-sized graphic pictures is what captured the interest and disgust of many just out out to get lunch.

"Just like we showed the pictures of Iraqi prisoners mistreated and abused, we're showing pictures of Americans mistreated and abused, pre-born children," said demonstrator Mark Gabriel.

'They're protecting innocent children, but children that are here are innocent also," said Allen. "They don't need to see this."

The activists plan on going to many cities in the Southeast over the next few days. Their next stop is Macon.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,