Beach High Locked Down as Police Seek Felon

The search for a convicted felon led police to Beach High School today. This afternoon, students had to remain seated in their classes as police locked down the school and searched the entire campus. Police have been looking for a Savannah man wanted in a slew of car break-ins.

"It has not been confirmed yet that he's here but we're just now getting set up and men in place," said Savannah-Chatham police spokesman Bucky Burnsed at the start of the operation.

After an anonymous tip lead police to search at Beach High, the school went on lockdown. "Everyone's confined to their classrooms right now so we can better enable a search," said Burnsed.

They were searching for Terry Rucker, a man police say is responsible for a number of vehicle break-ins. "We arrested Terry Rucker last year for some vehicle break-ins and now we're attempting to do the exact same thing," said Burnsed.

While there were no reported break-ins on campus, police wanted to make sure Rucker wasn't hiding among the students. "When the school resource officer was made aware of what was going on and the administration, then they had a plan in place and they followed the plan," said Chief Ulysses Bryant of the campus police.

After an extensive search, police came up empty handed, and perhaps a little shaken, students resumed with their studies. "No one's hurt," said Bryant. "We've got probably another period to finish up, but everyone's safe."

Police are still looking for Terry Rucker hoping to arrest him and charge him with multiple counts of vehicle break-ins.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,