Extra Traffic Help for G-8

When the G-8 comes to Savannah, some little-known "HEROs" will also be arriving. We're talking about the Highway Emergency Response Operators, who are part of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Their main job is to keep traffic flowing in Atlanta, but during the G-8 they'll be here, patrolling parts of I-16 and I-95, making sure all traffic runs smoothly.

And they have some heavy equipment--a specialized towing vehicle--to do the job. "We can pull an 18 wheeler off the road, we can air an 18-wheeler, we can turn vehicles over, we can pull just about any four-wheeler off the road with this vehicle," said HERO Roy Monroe.

The HEROs soar into town on June 7 and head back to Atlanta on the 11th.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com