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Editorial - 6/18/12

Regarding unemployment, the President stated that America's private sector is "doing fine;" that the sector really hurting was the public one.  He urged Congress to help states and cities fund government jobs.  In reality, it's private-sector employment that's in real distress. The fact is, says Investors Business Daily, private-sector employment dropped 4%, since 2008, while federal government employment grew by 11.4%.  So, it's the Federal-sector that's doing even-better-than-fine. Secondly, it's not the role of Congress to tackle public employment issues. If anything, they should be bolstering U.S.  business expansion, our economy's only growth-engine. States and cities need to solve their own fiscal issues, not cause still more Fed indebtedness.      

Speaking of Congress, the Senate's long been in lock-down, because Harry Reid, won't allow debate on anything meaningful, to avoid awkwardness for his Dem-colleagues, in an election year. So, rather than debate, to garner votes in November, an executive order this one directing that illegals, brought here as children, up to age 30, can't be deported for at least two-years, and can apply for legal work-permits, not good news for our unemployed citizens. The cover of Time Magazine, shows a group of illegals, with the title: "We Are All Americans, just not legally."  Look, if you weren't born or naturalized here, you're not an American.  Period.  So let's stop pretending that years of absorbing tax-payer-provided health care, education, and other citizen-benefits, makes one an American by osmosis.  U.S. citizenship is the planet's most treasured. to be earned, by legal-residents following the rules. Deficit at 15-trillion, citizen unemployment over 8%, yet, strangely, the political-priority de jour is pre-amnesty, legal work-status for younger illegals.   


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