Fit Club: JCB Mud Run

Fit Club: JCB Mud Run

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Before the mud slinging could begin and the day before the JCB Mud Run, I joined the team of Fleet Feet sports to put the course to the test.

Wearing a helmet cam, we did a dry run, literally.

"You are going through mud," said Cedrick Baker. "You are sinking your body into the ground. It's nothing like road running when you can keep going. It's nothing like that."

For Robert Espinoza, owner of Fleet Feet Sports, designing a mud run was a challenge in itself.

"You have to think so much more about mud holes, water and the length of the mud holes," said Espinoza. "It's going to be hot, so we have people going through a little pond. It is different because you want to think about fun and not speed."

Running through the course involved: trying to slide down a dry hill, pulling our way across a lake, getting caught knee deep in mud that smelled like cow maneur and scraping our knees as we crawled through dry pipes.

"It was great," said Leticia Ceparro. "It was my first time going through any type of mud run. I know it's going to be a little worse with mud and added water."

We paid no mind to the scrapes and bruised behinds, because we were focused on a goal - finishing the race together.

"When going through water, we were really pushing our legs," said Espinoza. "As we were going over walls, you have to pull yourself up and as a teammate you have to help them over."

"It will help them build confidence to finish it and finish your goal," said Cepparo. "Doing it together helps build that closer bond."

According to a recent study, runners reported that just completing a race gave them an increased sense of accomplishment, while improving their mental and physical health.

The proceeds from the JCB Mud Run went to benefit the Lady Bambford Center, an early childhood education center for low-income families and those with learning disabilities.

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