Teachers Put on Leave After Students See Beheading Video

The video of Nick Berg's execution has been circulating around the world for more than a week, but now it's entered a local classroom. Two teachers in Liberty County have been put on administrative leave for showing that video to some of their students.

The teachers tried to use the video as a learning tool in their classrooms. But from what we're told, they didn't have any idea just how graphic the video was going to be until after they saw it with their students.

Jay Sayers is one of the millions of people around the world who watched the video of an American being executed on the internet. He wishes he had never seen it, but he was shocked when he heard it was actually being played at his school.

"I come about lunch time because I had to take an exam and they said no more students were allowed on the computers at school because something had happened where teachers had shown some students the video," he told us.

During a current affairs class, a teacher was discussing Berg's execution when a student said he saw it on the internet and could bring it up for everybody to watch. He did, and the video was played. That's when word spread to another classroom, but this time a teacher pulled up the execution on the internet herself and even more students saw it. Shocked by what happened, the board of education launched an investigation.

Members of the board of education they say both teachers were put on administrative leave because what they did was more of an accident than intentional.

Both teachers will be back next fall and we're told the next time graphic content like this comes into question, to view it privately first, then get permission from the administration.

The Liberty County Board of Education has placed these teachers on paid leave while this incident is under investigation.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com