G-8 Traffic Restrictions Problematic for Distributors

Business as usual on River Street means lots of delivery trucks full of everything from food and drinks to extra paper supplies. They are the lifeline for many businesses. It's their stock which serves the customers. But when the G-8 is here, that lifeline will be temporarily interrupted with checkpoints, selected delivery hours and possible other security measures.

"I don't know what that process will be, but it probably will be painful," said Gordon Johnson with National Distributors.

Distributors like National, which service businesses that are licensed to sell alcohol, are hoping the businesses downtown will work with them. Johnson said he'd like to "service our customers the week before so we don't have to go down there."

And if they have to go down that way, they'll try to minimize the trips. "That particular week, if we go down there, hopefully we won't have to go more than once or twice," Johnson said.

Many people may think it will be like St. Patrick's Day for businesses, but distributors say it's really not like that at all.

"St. Patrick's Day does present a problem for us, but I don't think it's of the magnitude of this will be, because there's no checkpoints, there's nobody stopping your trucks looking in them," said Johnson.

But regardless, the show must go on, and they hope the businesses continue to perform. "The media people, they all have to eat somewhere," noted Johnson. "They have to have a cocktail in the afternoon hopefully, so we are hoping [businesses] stay open."

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com