Two Injured in Wreck on Highway 170

A one-mile stretch of South Carolina Highway 170 in Levy is one of the most dangerous roads in Jasper County. Yesterday afternoon, one driver was trying to pull into a gas station, and turned right in front of a tractor-trailer rig. The trucker tried to slow down, skidding some 200 feet, but couldn't stop in time. He slammed into the car.

The driver and passenger were both hurt. LifeStar flew the passenger to Savannah, and an ambulance transported the driver.

People who live in the area are upset about the dangers. It's becoming an all-too-common event. One neighbor we talked with says she's getting used to running out her front door to see what kind of help she can offer to injured drivers.

"It's really got to a point that you almost hate to pull out on this road now," said resident Sharon Emanuel.

"People just really need to slow down," added Kelly Bryan, who works in the area. "That's why we have a caution light here. It's very busy and continuing to grow in this area."

This stretch isn't going to get any better any time soon. New businesses are opening on the highway, and the speed limit is still 55. But that speed limit isn't one that most drivers even take into account.

"I talked to a truck driver himself and he said 'Ma'am, we drive 70 on this road,'" Emanuel told us. "'We have to do that to keep the cars from passing us.'"

People who travel between Beaufort County and Savannah on a regular basis know how harrowing the drive can be, and say there should be more patrols and slower speeds.

"This is the only road besides I-95 to get to Savannah so we need to do something about it," said Fred Ayala of Hilton Head. "It's sad to see so many people getting hurt."

The South Carolina State Patrol says it hasn't filed any charges related to yesterday's wreck.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,