What's in a Name?--George Bush

President George W. Bush has the eyes of the world on his every move. So sharing a name with such a well-known man could be a little intimidating. But Savannah's George Bush seems to be doing just fine. At 88, he's older than both men who took his name to the White House.

"The name is a real honor, but get irritated with the people who make a joke of it," Bush said.

The name isn't the only thing the three men share. George Bush also calls Texas home. That is Texas Avenue on Savannah's east side. "Oh that brings up eyebrows, 'Oh you're also from Texas,'" he said.

Bush is a country boy at heart, having grown up in Adrian, Georgia. He met his wife Doris when they we're just teenagers. "In the country, we had 4-H club, just sort of grew up in the same community," she said. "Got a little closer as time went on, but you know we had to go to war."

In World War II, George was drafted into the Air Force. And that's when he first heard of the other George Bush, when news spread over the radio that the former president was shot down by the Japanese. "Just remembered the name from there," said George. "'Good luck, George.'"

The George Bush name stuck with him, but so did another name, his sweetheart Doris. Once the war was over, George finally married Doris and came to Savannah in 1947 to work on a construction job for his brother-in-law. "I come, thinking that would be it," he said. "But then there was another job waiting for me."

Together, George and Doris built a life in Savannah, raising two daughters. "Everybody would tell him, 'Wish you had a son,'" Doris said. "He'd tell them no, he didn't like boys, he liked girls."

The happy couple still like to joke around and just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on May 17. "What is he like? Well he's a wonderful man," said Doris. "I just tell you the truth, he's been a mighty good husband and father. Does he act like the president around the house? He likes to but I hold him down, I don't let him get too high in the air."

"I have to yield to the demands that are given to me," said George. "It's been a long story and a pleasant one, if we had to do it over again we'd do it again."

It's been a long campaign spent together that any couple would vote for.

Reported by: Mike Cihla, mcihla@wtoc.com