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Editorial - 06/25/12

Because our Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom has been totally-distorted from original intent, those who can't tolerate religious symbols in public places, or for that matter, anywhere at all, are, regrettably, still able to shove their fantasy-restrictions down the throats of America's faithful.  Made possible by spine-ectomies like this: An elementary school principal in Brooklyn banned the song, "God Bless America," from a kindergarten ceremony for fear of "offending other cultures."  This nation was born, and has prospered, by the grace of God.  There's only one culture and tradition here that matters and prevails: America's!  Enough of the pandering, bowing, and buckling. If another culture is offended, refusing to fully-assimilate America's core-values, to bad!  Get over your issues, or head back home.  America's exit doors are wide-open.  

Thankfully, some push-back against the misery-laden is emerging. Atheists object to a Tennessee Police Department's patch, carrying the three words:  Industry, Education, Religion.  Convinced an "endorsement" claim is bogus, the city stands by its patch.  Meanwhile, atheists want a Rhode Island fire department to remove a cross from the war monument that's been in front of the station for 91-years.  With opponents apparently afraid they'll be struck Christian, the townspeople are standing-strong, to preserve this sacred-memorial to their local fallen.  And a court in Massachusetts has ruled against one, repeat one, atheist family wanting to remove "under God" from our Pledge, claiming it "discriminated" against their children.  Hey, Mom and Dad, two suggestions: grow-up, and home-school.  Long-past-time to end these publicity-seeking, childish-tantrums.  May our courts finally stop the purposeful distortion, and return the intended, true-meaning of religious freedom in America.




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