Editorial - 7/2/12


FIRST AIR DATE:     7-2-2012

The Supreme Court has resuscitated a cadaver, scheduled for cremation.  Upholding that forced individual mandate, like the rest of this unaffordable cram-down, is a travesty.  The Court has green-lighted our power-crazed Feds, who strive to replace individual rights with collective dictates, leading to full, cradle-to-grave-dependence on an imperial government.

The Affordable Care Act is neither, but it definitely is an act. Platitudes, ladled-out to the fabled middle-class, and the perennially-gullible, from a government-hierarchy truly unconcerned about your health.  That's not the goal. Behind the smoke-screen lurks the Federal take-over of America's entire private-sector medical system. Nationalized care, joining the progressive-neutering of other economic-sectors, like core energy-production and power-generation.

Folks, this is serious business.  Costs of care will sky-rocket, especially as companies are forced to cancel their health-plans, dumping millions more folks into an overwhelmed public system, where, inevitably, quantity and quality of treatment declines, and rationed-care becomes inevitable. England's National Health Service, reportedly with 90% of its facilities now with funding-issues, forced to eliminate 125 forms of treatment.  But the far bigger threat and treachery, again, is overall big-government control, a rampage that can only be stopped by America's voters.  Upholding that destructive health care law, and its concentration of power, further propels us down the slippery- slope to the loss of our democratic-republic. If this growing federal imperialism isn't stopped, our future will be that of sedated-mourners at grave-side, witnessing the burial of our once great nation.