Bomb Scare Forces Evacuation

Police used a robot to retrieve the box.
Police used a robot to retrieve the box.

A bomb scare in Savannah forced people out of their homes and offices this afternoon. Around 1:30, someone found a suspicious package on the front steps of the Pride Integrated Services probation office at Abercorn and 32nd Streets. Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police evacuated the area and called in the bomb squad.

"You can't just assume it is an empty box," explained Lt. Bud Pierce, with Savannah Chatham's bomb disposal unit. "The way it was sitting, it had no marking, no label. If you think it looks suspicious, you don't want to monkey with it."

Officers used a robot to retrieve and open the box. Fortunately, the only thing police found inside was a pair of ladies' shoes.

Once police cleared the area, two hours after they first began evacuating residents, people were able to go back to their homes and workplaces.

Linda Aimone, who works next door to the probation office, was just thankful there was no bomb. "It makes you wonder what is going on," she said, "You think, it could be real."

The Savannah Chatham Police bomb squad responds to about a hundred calls a year. Most are false alarms; however, police say they would rather respond to a scare than risk lives. "We've had police officers killed because they opened up packages they had no business opening," said Lt. Pierce.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,