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Editorial - 7/9/12

Intensive-care, the status of our badly under-nourished, off-spring, the "E" twins, economy and employment, as they fight to survive.  Fewer jobs were created than forecast in June, leaving the published unemployment rate at 8.2%, when the actual number impacting, not D.C., but Main Street America, now stands at almost 15%, including, for accuracy, both the under-employed, and those no longer looking.  Leaving the current labor-force participation rate, meaning those working, or looking, at a 30-year low.    

Big-media enjoyed a jumping-beans-in-their knickers-moment, when last week's first-time applications for unemployment dropped to 374,000.  Little joy, realizing, then, that we're still adding well-over a million jobless to the D.C. rolls monthly.  Related to unemployment checks, sequentially-expiring, new jobs in June, were actually-exceeded by the number applying for Social Security disability funds, a desperation step, since clearly, most of those folks haven't suddenly become truly disabled.  Plus, we now have 46-million food-stamp recipients, made all the more ludicrous in a nation careening toward bankruptcy, as the Feds vigorously-target still more enrollees, via ads and recruiters, actually working to convince folks to ignore pride, personal responsibility, and independence, in the name of creating more and more governmental dependence.  A ridiculous campaign, trading individualism for lemming-collectivism, in a program already rife with abuse, while ignoring the traditional efforts of community charities and food banks,  local people helping people, assisting those truly in need.  No surprise, we're now in a very bad place, with the erosion of individual liberty and future freedom upper-most in mind. No question, things must change.

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