Terrorism Expert on G-8 Dangers

As soon as it was announced that the G-8 summit was going to be held in Sea Island, law enforcement officials immediately started planning, knowing this area could become a target. Now that federal officials have named the summit as a possible target, it's becoming a scary reality for many in our community.

Emergency management officials say this is not news news to them. "It doesn't really change anything," said Phillip Webber, director of the Chatham Emergency Management Agency. "We've been looking at that possibility all along, so I don't see it as new news."

William Daugherty is a terrorism expert and has studied the way Al-Qaeda works. "One of the things they don't want is a failure," he said.

And with so much law enforcement around Georgia right now, an attack in our area could be just that. "The possibility is the terrorists will take advantage of the focus on the G-8 with all the world leaders and the attention and do something somewhere else in the country that will have a much better chance of succeeding," Daugherty said.

He says that other cities should also be on high alert for an attack. "That would be disruptive to the G-8, it would be an embarrassment to the President."

As for this area, officials say we're ready. "Everything that the state, local, and federal government has to offer to protect the citizens of this community and their property will be accessible," said CEMA's Webber.

Intelligence officials have been in this area for months and are keeping track of any new developments.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com