Suspicious Package Shuts Down Oglethorpe Square

A second suspicious package in as many days was found in downtown Savannah this afternoon. This time, it was a box left in Oglethorpe Square. Authorities are calling this a case of an unusual package found in a very unusual place.

Around 1:30pm today, a public safety officer on his way to lunch noticed the box sitting on the sidewalk along Abercorn and York Streets at Oglethorpe Square. The bomb squad was called, one building was evacuated, and the square was shut down so they could X-ray the package.

"It was a lava lamp, apparently," said Matt Stanley, a spokesman with the Savannah Fire Department.

Yesterday afternoon, just up the road at the probation office, it was a similar story. A suspicious box was left on the front doorstep, bomb squads were called in, and what may have been a bomb turned out to be a pair of lady's shoes.

Stanley says they must treat every situation the same. "We're already at such a level within public safety of being prepared for the upcoming events within the next couple of months, that we couldn't really heighten our levels any more," he said. "We just try to take care of the incident as quickly as we can, make sure everything's safe for those here in Savannah, pack up and go home."

Stanley says, at the very least, these situations can be treated as practice.

Reported by: Don Logana,