Fit Club: Cleanse

Fit Club: Cleanse

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Could you eliminate alcohol, coffee, sugar caffeine from your diet? It's a daunting challenge that members of Savannah Power Yoga are planning on doing to achieve optimal health.

"It's a 21-day program that focuses on food, but there are other elements like yoga, meditation, even the products you put on your skin," said Kate Taylor, owner of Savannah Power Yoga.

The 21-day cleanse is based on The New York Times best-seller "The Clean," written by Dr. Alejandro Junger.

"He moved to the U.S. and started eating an American diet of processed foods and got irratable bowl syndrome and became very depressed and needed to figure out what do to about it," said Taylor. " He was given a lot of prescription medicines, as the answer."

Instead of turning to medicine, the doctor self prescribed healthy foods and movement and found the results were better than he expected.

"Most people are going to feel more energetic and sleep better," said Taylor about the Cleanse. "They will feel healthier, more vital. People with serious health problems will see bigger changes; lower cholesterol, lower CRP levels, if you have heart problems.

Here is how it works:

"We spend a week getting ready, tapering off the foods like alcohol, caffeine and sugar; all the things we consume in our American diet and for 21 days we follow a program where we eat liquid foods juices, smoothies or soups and then in middle day you eat a healthy regular food meal. It is all based on set of guidelines."

Organizers hope the health benefits will continue way beyond the three weeks.

"I hope people learn how eating certain foods can make you feel better and others don't make you feel very good," said Taylor. "So you can actually learn to take control over your health without having to take medications."

There will be several free information sessions about the program held at Savannah Power Yoga. The next one with set for Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Junger will teleconference in to answer questions.

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