Teen Facing Felony Charges for BB Gun Attack

The officer's back window was shot out.
The officer's back window was shot out.

A young boy was arrested last night for firing a BB gun at a Port Wentworth police officer. Port Wentworth police say they arrested the 14-year-old after he had shot his neighbor, his neighbor's property and at police.

"The first night I was in bed asleep and my daughter woke me up when they started shooting, then we called the police officers and they come around here to check," said Robert Floyd, the neighbor who was shot.

But police didn't find anybody, and Floyd's house was left riddled with holes from what appeared to be a BB gun. The next night, he heard more shots fired and ran outside to find the windows of his vehicle shot out and ended up getting shot himself.

When police arrived, they became the gunman's second target. "The first thing he does is he hears a shot and his back window explodes," said Lt. Gregory Long of the Port Wentworth PD.

Not knowing what kind of weapon was being fired, the police officer took cover. "You have an officer in a low-light situation at three in the morning, out basically on his own, the back window of his car has just been shot out," said Lt. Long. "He knows he's got another person in the house and small children present as well."

More police were then called to the scene. They surrounded the house where the shots were coming from and managed to talk the shooter down. He was arrested and taken into custody.

"This situation could have turned out to be a lot worse than what it is," said Lt. Long. "As it was, nobody required medical treatment except the initial victim, and it was a minor wound and we're all very thankful for that."

The 14-year-old is being held in the Chatham County Youth Detention Center where he faces seven felony counts including assault on a police officer. He could be tried as an adult.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com