Business Alert Network Launched in Beaufort County

Wouldn't you like to know if somebody was going around trying to rip people off before the crooks turn up at your door? That's the plan for a new alert system through the Beaufort County Sheriff's Department. All business owners have to do is sign up, and they'll receive free alerts to help protect them against crimes and scams.

AG Edwards and Sons is one of nearly 100 businesses in Beaufort County that have already signed up for the Business Alert Network. Through the program, Beaufort County Sheriff's Department will alert businesses via email, fax, or text messages on cell phones and pagers with alerts that could affect their business, such as crimes in the area, scams and even missing person alerts.

"We can get information out to them so we can hopefully prevent some crimes from happening," said Sgt. Mike Jennings.

The Business Alert Network is designed to make people more aware of issues affecting them and help build a partnership with law enforcement to find solutions to community crime.

Not only are deputies helping it will prevent crime from happening, but they're also hoping it will help their investigation. "If by chance someone didn't read the paper that day, or catch that newscast, this is just another way to add to that to help make sure it's seen and I definitely thing there's a lot of times we could have used this in the past," said Sgt Jennings.

It's a tool many business like AG Edwards are supporting. "We thought we could specifically benefit from it in the event there was any crimes in town, anything that was happening on an ongoing basis, or if they were targeting any individual groups," said the company's Charles Tumlin. "We wanted to know about it."

All of the information given to the sheriff's department will be kept confidential and will not be sold. If you are a business owner and would like to sign up, contact CitizenObserver 1-888-952-2200 ext 201 or online at

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,