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Editorial Salute - 7/12/12

Some very good news was shared with uniformed personnel at Savannah's Combat Readiness Training Center yesterday.  Georgia Air Guard Commander, Major-General Tom Moore, made a special trip here to personally-inform our CRTC's air guardsmen that jobs would not be lost this year, as originally feared, due to Air Force budget cuts, which were set to disproportionately impact our nation's Air Guard, to the tune of nearly 6,000 slots nationally.

Originally, Georgia was to lose 50 positions, 26 of which would come out of  Savannah's  CRTC, effectively crippling their multi-branch, air-combat training mission, which hosts training-rotations for active, guard and reserve units, nationally, for as many as 50 operational-weeks a year.   And our CRTC does so with great skill and efficiency, producing major savings.   Case in point, when over 870 air-guardsmen came here for logistics training, the cost totaled $220,000.  Had the same training been done on an active-duty base, the tab would've exceeded one-million dollars, resulting in an 80% savings for tax-payers, from this one Guard-provided program alone. 

Beyond employment-loss for veteran guardsmen here, the other factor at stake was the unit's area economic impact, which exceeds $18-million a year.  Thanks to the combined efforts of all state Governors and Guard Adjutants-General, along with House and Senate members from Georgia, South Carolina, and elsewhere, America's Air Guard, and Savannah's CRTC, remain intact, making possible their continued-ability to fully carry-out vital-missions, for both our states and nation. 

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