Editoral - 7/16/12

The last week of the Supreme Court's most recent session was not a good one for America's economy, security or future.  First, the Court shot-down most of Arizona's illegal-immigrant law, the state's attempt to slow the invasion, and stop the expense-hemorrhaging that results from illegals expecting services. Then, of course, the convoluted approval of the Unaffordable Care Act, the disastrous federal grab of America's skilled medical services, when the solutions for improved health coverage and delivery are far better legislated for fulfillment from the private sector.

The week's final suppository was striking-down the 2006 Stolen Valor Act, which made false-claims of combat medals punishable. The case involved a California man, running for local election, who falsely-claimed he'd been awarded the Medal of Honor.   The Court ruled that, though simply boasting about fake-medals was deceitful, being imprisoned for such violated Freedom of Speech.  Fakers always bubble-up, in and after war-time, just as the number of supposed-SEALS shot-up after the bin-Laden take-down!  False claims cheapen the honor, and dilute the significance of meritorious medals rightly-held.  Already underway in Congress are efforts to re-write the law, this time focusing on harm to others and/or financial gain, often the reason behind the lies. The turf's rippling above the graves of our Founders, as our courts have spandexed their freedom of speech intent, including the ludicrous, so-called, "right" to deface or set-fire to our glorious flag, a despicable act, ever-triggering the ire of our genuine patriots.  So, then, in this one, specific interpretation of the First Amendment, by the court of last resort, lying publically has been given the stamp of approval.  A ruling that  many in America, today, will find all-too-pleasing.