Firefighters Battle Large Brush Fire

Flames came dangerously close to the Southwest bypass guardrail.
Flames came dangerously close to the Southwest bypass guardrail.

Firefighters spent much of the afternoon fighting back the flames of a very large brush fire that came dangerously close to some Georgetown apartments. The fire broke out late afternoon near the Southwest bypass on Savannah's south side.

Flames came within a foot of the guardrail; however, firefighters were able to hold them back from crossing the road. "You want to try to intercept it if you can," explained Lt. Brett Walker with the Southside Fire Department, "but you don't want to stand in front of it unless you're sure you can stop it."

Firefighters' biggest concern was keeping the fire from reaching a Georgetown apartment complex that was not even 50 yards away. Residents were shocked to learn how close the fire came to them.

"It's the kind of thing you hear about in California and see in other places," said Joe White, "I was surprised to see it at my back door."

"I drove up and saw the fire trucks," added LaDonna Frazier. "It made me nervous because I know how forest fires are and the fire was pretty close to my building."

Within an hour, firefighters had the flames out. They're still investigating how the fire started. They say fortunately, the fire didn't go past the Southwest bypass guardrails; however, this is just the beginning of a hot, dry summer.

Reported by Melanie A. Ruberti,