Annual Laying of the Wreath Ceremony

Memorial Day Ceremonies were held all over the Coastal Empire and Low Country today, including on the water. The United States Coast Guard and the American Legion Auxiliary remembered those who gave their lives at sea with the annual laying of the poppy wreath.

Veterans from World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam gathered on Fort Pulaski today to honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty. Every Memorial Day, they take a boat out on the Savannah River and lay a poppy anchor on the water.

"It signifies our boys lost at sea that no one knows where they are," said Katherine Taylor of the American Legion Auxiliary. "This is our memorial to them."

The red poppies signify the blood shed by our soldiers. The laying of the wreath is especially hard for Sue Scott, who lost her father, a brother and a nephew in previous wars. "It hurts, but then it makes me feel better cause you know you've done something good to remember them," she said. I know my dad knows I'm here."

These veterans and their family members say this Memorial Day is especially important because of the young men and woman fighting for our country in Iraq. "We're here with them on our minds, praying that they will come back," said Rubin Scott with the American Legion Auxiliary.

This year's wreath was made by veterans at the VA Hospital in Augusta. It takes a year to make.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,