Fit Club: Krav Maga

Fit Club: Krav Maga

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A style of martial arts called Krav Maga is making an impact on people in the Coastal Empire.

Barry Bashlor was looking for a new way to get in shape, so he went in search of a new form of exercise and found Krav Maga.

"I got a little worn out of going to the gym," said Bashlor. "This was a lot of different types of exercises. Every day, it was a surprise what we were doing. It mentally challenged me as well"

Practiced in various environments, Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Force. You can either go in to it to get fit or to learn practical self-defense, but either way you are going to gain muscle and confidence.

"Whether you are a father wanting to protect kids, a wife protecting herself from a home invasion or attack on the street, somone whose needing protection or living alone, or an elite soldier, special services person. We got something for everybody," said Elite Team Instructor Andrew Clough.

"If you want to get healthier, and knowing you can protect yourself and no matter what your into, whether it be sport fighting, it's good to know for anyone," said Bashlor.

At Krav Maga, they say that you come in to learn self-defense and get into shape without realizing it.

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