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Family of Colorado shooting victim shocked

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As the nation mourns the loss of the victims in the Colorado movie theater shooting, Jamie Jones counts her blessings.

The morning after a gunman opened fire in a packed, midnight showing of the batman movie, she received an unexpected phone call from her sister.

"My sister called me that morning at 7a.m., which is 5 o'clock Denver time," Jones said. "So I knew something had happened or else she wouldn't be calling me."

At that point, Jones found out her 17-year-old niece, Mckayla Hicks, was at the Aurora, Colorado theater that night. She was in the auditorium right next door. Mckayla heard shots, but like most of the movie-goers, she thought it was part of the film.

"Then she felt something hit her face; hit her chin," Jones said. "So she thought someone was throwing things in the theater. that's what she originally thought. and then her tooth fell out. so she caught her tooth, and blood was just gushing out of her mouth and out of her chin."

Mckayla had multiple bullet fragments in her chin and gums. A man gave her his jacket to stop the bleeding, then she was rushed to the hospital along with several other victims. Mckayla never saw the shooter.

"Right now she's still kind of in shock, and I'm sure it's going to be with her for the rest of her lifetime."

The night after the shooting, Jones' 18-year-old son would see 'The Dark Knight Rises' at Evans Cinemas. She admits being worried, but doesn't believe something so extreme will happen here. As for her niece, she'll have to undergo oral surgery. Jones is thankful she's safe, and sends her prayers to the families who lost loved ones.

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