Someone You Should Know--Natalie Goodman

Natalie Goodman
Natalie Goodman

Natalie Goodman's walked in the Relay for Life for the past three years, and she's only eight years old. And recently she decided to reach out even more by volunteering her time in the comfort of her own front yard.

Natalie is only in the second grade yet she already has a big heart. With the help of her mother Kristen, she makes lemonade, sets up an outdoor stand and she quenches anyone's thirst who stops by free of charge. Natalie does accept tips, but she doesn't keep any of the money.

"I'm giving it to charity because I wanted to help out the Cancer Society and the more money they get the better medication they have," she explained.

"I'm so proud of her, I really am," said Kristen. "I mean she is so loving and compassionate and truly wants to help other people."

Natalie's been collecting donations ever since she came up with the idea last spring. She wanted to help other people beat the disease a close friend of the family survived. She says you can't go wrong with lemonade. "Well, I guess water would be okay but lemonade would attract more customers," she said.

And by the looks of things, Natalie got plenty of business. She came through on her promise, coming to the American Cancer Society to donate all $168 of her tips.

And the society's Dan Kurtz says every little bit counts. "One of the missions of the Cancer Society is to fight cancer through service, and what that little girl did, what Natalie did, that's service," he said.

And that also makes Natalie Goodman Someone You Should Know. "I hope that it helps the people that have cancer," she said.

Natalie didn't walk away empty handed. The American Cancer Society gave her a goodie bag and a certificate for her service.

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