Meet the G-8--France's Jacques Chirac

They're our former allies in Europe, but certainly not America's best friend these days. The French. But they're coming to visit anyway. There are a few surprises about France, and more particularly, their current leader.

Let's start with the basics. France is a republic, and they directly elect a president. He then names a prime minister. About 60 million people live there, and the gross domestic product comes to about $26,000 per person.

Now to the man in charge, Jacques Chirac. Born in Paris, just old enough to know enough about World War II. He's spent his whole adult life as a government minister and politician. Most interesting, as a communist. He did serve in the French army, and was wounded in their war with Algeria in the late 1950's. He is the loudest western voice against the American involvement in Iraq, and does not exactly get along with president George Bush. He is also facing some scandal at home, allegations he's used money improperly for friends and family, doesn't always tell the truth, and changes his positions depending on what's politically popular. He also loves sumo wrestling.