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Meet the G-8--The United States' George Bush

The leaders of the richest, most powerful nations on Earth getting together on Georgia's Sea Island, and their host is a man you should recognize, President George Bush.

First a quick look at us. We're a federal republic, with the elected president as head of state. About 290-million people live in the United States. And the gross domestic product per person is one of the highest in the G-8, more than $36,000 per person.

On to the man, George Bush is one of the younger leaders, born after World War II, in Connecticut. His degree was in history, but he went back to school and got his MBA. He ran oil exploration businesses.

On his G-8 agenda, you have to think the war in Iraq will be on the list, as well as ways to keep the economy on the rebound. These days, part of that picture is going to be oil and gasoline prices.

A few tidbits on the President, you know he was a fraternity president in college, had a drunk driving conviction nearly 32 ago, but gave up drinking and is a born again Christian. He is the first President to have an MBA, he also headed up a group of investors that owned a major league baseball team, The Texas Rangers.

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