G-8 Info That's Clear & Concise & Easy to Understand

All eyes are ready to focus on Georgia's Golden Isles, as some of the most important men in the world meet for the annual G-8 summit. But what's it all about? You can spend hours surfing from news site to political site, so i tried to simplify, and find just the facts.

Canada has a serious G-8 site, pick a language and plunge right in. Plenty of info to start with, I recommend going to the beginning, the background, way back when it was G-6. This page talks about the things the leaders talk about, how they've refined the topics, the hottest issues of the day, and the plans of action that come out of each summit.

That's the history lesson, now for the nuts and bolts of who does what. Check the "how it works" page. One very good thing about this site, no government- ese gobbledygook, it's all plain English... Easily understood without a degree in international relations.

Along those lines, The FAQ, frequently asked questions is a great read. If you don't go to any other G-8 site, read this page. At least it will give you enough information so you can answer your kids questions, and understand what you'll hear on the news next week.