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Editorial - 7/30/12

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Unsettling times in this struggling nation, got an additional dose of awful, when yet another imbecile went on a rampage, killing and wounding far too many innocent people, who came to that theater to be entertained, not to have their lives scarred, ended, and those of loved-ones, ruined.  Among those shot dead, a 6-year-old girl (what was she doing at a midnight movie), and three guys, with instinctive-courage, who perished shielding their girl-friends.  As for that jerk-gunman, now playing goofy-boy, likely to set-up an insanity defense, hopefully out of the question, since his shooting-spree was  planned well in advance, not to mention elaborate-explosives at his apartment, set to kill police, and other residents by smoke and fire.  By the way, where does an unemployed, grad-school drop-out get the thousands of dollars needed to buy the guns, ammo, bomb-components, and other gear needed for his uncivilized carnage?  Hopefully someone's looking into that.  

Guaranteed a fair trial, regardless, it usually takes months or years before  actual court judgment, legal delays, too often manufactured, that we'll title judicial indecency.  This particular case certainly looks to be one of premeditated murder, without benefit of orchestrated insanity.  Weapons, residue, clothing recovered, and a kill-zone apartment full of evidence, all tying this jerk to the slaughter.  With proper, not PC justice, his trial should take place within 90-days.  The prosecutor said they're "considering" the death penalty.  There must be no such consideration for mass murder.  If found guilty, no decades of life on death-row, at tax-payer expense.  Rather, prompt execution, sparing extended-agony for loved-ones of the deceased and wounded.  On that note, next week, a Fort Hood review.

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