Fit Club: Train like an MMA Fighter

Fit Club: Train like an MMA Fighter

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ever consider using Mixed Martial Arts as training to get in shape?

At Champions Training Center in Savannah you can learn how you can train like a fighter without ever having to step in the ring.

"In the cage not only do you have to have explosive power, but you have to be able to go non stop," said Champions Training Center Muhsin Corbbrey.

While not everyone's goal is to be an MMA Fighter, at Champions Training Center in Savannah, it's the high intensity training that attracts people of all age to learn the sport.

"Mixed Martial arts is amazing conditioning from head to toe, because you have to be so proficient at everything," said Angela Corbbrey. "Once you get up and down so many times, that is tiring and then getting thrown, sprawling, boxing, kickboxing; it is an all body workout. It is amazing for strength and conditioning and overall fitness."

The confidence built from training in MMA can help you deter any would be attackers, it also helps you conquer any obstacles you may face in real life just like you would in the ring.

"We have alot of people that come for the fitness side of it," said Corbbrey. "Mixed Martial Arts athletes are some of the most conditioned athletes in the plane. Some people come in to learn defense techniques and they get in phenomenal shape."

The discipline you're sure to develop from training in MMA can be applied to the rest of your life, from enhancing your ability to stick to a schedule to strengthening your resolve to eat well.

"I have seen it change people," said Corbbrey. "It gives them a chance to really get focused, to focus on goals, to work hard towards those goals and never give up, so it radiates outside of the gym. It radiates into every part of someone's life.

Living the MMA lifestyle can transform your body, along with your mind and spirit."

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