Pillows for Patriots seeks more support to help soldiers

Pillows for Patriots seeks more support to help soldiers

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Pillows for Patriots has sent thouands of pillows to soldiers serving overseas but now they need even more support to continue their objective.

Pillows for Patriots is a mission that continues to grow.

"Over the last three years, we've done over 200 shipments and we have shipped almost 47,000 pillows," said Barb Farrior.

Farrior and another military mother started the project in 2009 - hoping to provide their sons and others serving in combat with a little comfort of home. Since the government doesn't issue pillows, they do, with help from Harris Pillow Supply and generous donors.

But now, they need even more support.

"My thrust right now is to raise money for the 2nd Brigade, leaving out of Ft. Stewart," said Farrior. "I have to raise about $3,000 to provide pillows for them before they leave. What we'd like to see is for the pillows to be distributed to the soldiers as they're getting on the bus."

Each pillow costs $3.50, so for the price of a coffee, you can send one of these pillows overseas to one of our troops and help them sleep easier.

"I just want to provide a little comfort to our soldiers because they are leaving everything they love, everything they've ever worked for to go overseas for up to a year and it's hard on them," said Farrior. "So any help we can give, we should."

For more information about Pillows for Patriots and how you can help the cause visit www.pillowsforpatriots.org.

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