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Activists Prepare for Peaceful Demonstration During G-8

When the world leaders come to the area for the G-8 summit next week. Many expect the protesters to be close behind. WTOC spent some time with some of them from right here at home. Kelly Gasink is the organizer of a peace and civil rights demonstration to be held during the G-8 summit in Forsyth Park.

She claims violence and problems will be a no-show. "We expect lots of food and drinks and entertainment," she told us. "Twenty bands, and people speaking on all sorts of government issues."

"This is a chance to get out our message and say things we don't get the chance to say," added local musician Stephen Riddle.

Riddle's band, Argyle, is one of those scheduled to perform at the protest. Speakers will talk in between bands, and the bigger the crowd, the better. "We're expecting quite a few people," he said.

Gasink is hoping Forsyth Park is filled with peaceful protesters, but she says be sure to expect protesters from out of town scattered all over the City of Savannah.

"I think something is being planned for River Street, but we don't know what to expect because we don't know what will be open and what will be closed," she said.

With all her permits okayed, Gasink is gearing up for next week. But she warns the world platform may draw protesters from all walks of life. "Understand this is the G-8 summit. People have a message to get out."

The peace and civil rights event in Forsyth Park begins next Tuesday morning with a parade at 10am. The three-day protest in the park wraps up Thursday night at 8pm.

Gasink says there will also be daily news conferences held at Franklin Square. So far, she claims no other protest groups have requested a permit.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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