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Editorial Salute - 8/2/12

A U.S. Army Ranger was recently honored at Fort Benning for his valor in Afghanistan. 

Staff Sergeant Scott Anderson and his squad were tasked with eliminating Taliban insurgents lurking within a populated-compound, who had the bad habit of shooting at our low-flying helicopters.  Inserted by air, Anderson's soldiers ran across an open field to the compound, encircled by a very high wall.  Sergeant Anderson managed to scale the wall alone and climb onto a roof within.  Once there, he dispatched an enemy fighter, immediately drawing more fire.  With bullets narrowly missing him, he called for a machine gun to be handed up, so that he could more effectively suppress the enemy.  During a momentary lull, fellow Rangers began extracting non-combatants from the compound, their efforts covered by the Sergeant's machine gun fire.  Although one Ranger sustained serious wounds clearing a building, thankfully, he survived the action, while two Taliban commanders and three other enemy fighters were sent, by bullet-train, to the last stop on the line.  Once the compound was totally subdued, Army Apache helos arrived to level it.

For courage and valor, at the risk of his life, Staff Sergeant Scott Anderson, 3/75 Ranger Regiment, was awarded the Silver Star, our third-highest for combat-gallantry.  Yet another example of superb action and leadership in battle, and why, continually, and unpublicized by preference, "Rangers Lead The Way!"

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